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Floggings will continue until morale improves - Thank you for calling GFS Marketplace, [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Floggings will continue until morale improves [May. 24th, 2006|02:19 am]

I hate my fucking job so much. I want to burn that fucking place down and then piss on the ashes and laugh.

I hate one of my managers so damn much I can't really think of any words to even describe how much I do. But believe me on my list of shit I hate she has got to be like numbers 1 through 7. This is justified by the fact that she has got to be majorly bi-polar and has frequent mood swings and a bunch of other shit. She has shit for brains, is totally hypocritical and I think has some serious issues beliving that some people are actually confident in what they do and can manage themselves. I hate being yelled at for doing my job. I hate being talked down to and being shoved aside when issues that arise are well within my capabilites.

So yeah. Assholes who claim to send us shit we need. So they sent us an entire fucking truckload as they do every tuesday. This puts major strain on the store. Why the fuck can't you just send a little bit extra each day instead of sending next to nothing most days and then shitting on us every tuesday? They bitch that we never meet our labor goals. The manpower we are alloted is based soely on sales. If they were not such penny pinching goatfucks they might want to factor in stuff like the fact they know there is going to be an increased load based on season, high volume shipments...ect. I hate not getting fucking paid because nobody likes to have barbecues and thanksgiving dinners in feburaury. I hate working my fucking ass off all alone because there is never enough people.

Our company recently decided to restructure a bunch of shit. Need I say more? So yeah, take what sucked... factor in some bullshit about trying to save a buck or two by shifting business models and you end up with something that sucks even more than it initally did with absolutly no change to the little guy execpt for a bunch of changes in verbiage. I'm sick and fucking tired of being shit on for working so damn hard. I'm sick and tired of being expendable. There were times where I thought I was trained and good at my job like I was actually an asset to the operations. Then I realized any skills I have were learned there and done so rather quickly. Nothing is required to do my job execpt for the ability to lift a box and a nice pair of boots because you will be walking in some major bullshit all day.

I work in retail sales. I hate fucking people. I was under the impression a while back that people as a whole were inherently good. That little dream was shattered as I soon realized that most people I deal with are complete fucking idiots. This woman on the phone today I wanted to kill. I wanted to shrink down into the handset of the phone and shoot across the wires and jump out the other end and strangle this fucker. She wanted to order a bunch of shit that is stocked in the store. Typically things we order in are things we do not carry and its usually by the case quantity. So when she needs an each of everything, thankfully its all shit we carry. However she wants us to collect it all up and have it ready for her fucking lazy ass to come get. Now this normally isnt too much of a hassle but this lady insisted on knowing the price of everything. I don't mean total, I mean of each thing. Right then and there. So I have to look all this shit up and give it all to her. I do that and it sucked. Then I have to run around to get numbers for shit and what does she want me to do? add it all up so she knows how much its going to be. Usually when people do this they send some spacemonkey in with a premade check. Our dumbass company likes to change prices on shit like every 9 hours so you can see how this would present a problem. Then of course the figures which are quite rough are thrown a curveball because she is signed up for a discount program. More recaluculation. Let's not forget about taxable and non-taxable items which lead to more adding... All the time I am banging out numbers for her... she is doing it herself as well. Fuck you lady... I have 12 pallets worth of shit to put away. You are obviously capable of doing this shit yourself so fucking do it. Quit wasting my time (and like half a roll of paper in the adding machine).

I hate some of my coworkers, there is a group of good people and a group of people who the good people hate because they suck. Putting social interactions aside, I hate these people because they do not do their job. They like to wander off to do whatever. They like to take forever to do things. They especially like to make other people do shit when they are needed much more elsewhere. Other people like to call off more times than they have shown up. Others like to not show up at all. Others show up... and that's a burden in it of itself. Now lets factor in the fact that I still do have somewhat of a personality left. Some people I just fucking hate. Like the kind of people who you don't like but still talk to because you are a nice guy. These people then think you are a good friend and follow you around like no tomorrow. Some people are just fucking annoying, partially because of the above reasons and I think everybody knows somebody who is just weird.

I hate my pay. I do not make very much money at all and I work my ass off. I have no future in my position. Not that I would really want one anyways. I hate having a good percantage of my pay in quarterly 'bonuses' that are based off of shit that I have no control over. I have no benefits.

I hate my job.